Checking in

12 Oct

Hello there my dear old faithfuls.

Let me just tell you that tech is just not the same without you all….. Its better! Hahaha. Just joking….

Considering that you all probably still follow this blog I thought to say hello. Would be great to know how you all are doing at your various places of work. Nothing has really changed much on this side. All us lecturers are still plodding along, setting up tests, marking assignments, telling students to KEEP QUIET!!! you know the drill… Such is the life of a lecturer. Comes with the territory I guess.

I have noticed that some of you are still blogging. I’m glad. The assignment was always designed to give you something that could add value to your life as a whole. So I’m glad that some of you are finding it worth while. I still enjoy reading them, so keep em coming.

If you get a change in your “busy schedules” 😉 please pull through to this blog and make a comment on this post. Would be good to know how things are going. Like are you Fedicks people still washing Vienna’s and eating week old bread???? Must be illegal….

Anyhoo, nice chatting. Trust you all are doing super well and making lots of money!!! Hahahaha!!! 😉


Mr. D

PS: Something Interesting: My cousin just started a blog. It’s about food and weight loss and stuff like that. Thought some of you might be interested. She is quite quircky and fun to read. Check it out:





No class tomorrow

29 May

Hi everyone

I forgot to mention that there will be NO CLASS TOMORROW. I will see you on Friday at 11 for your presentations. Please bring both of your projects with.

See you then


Last of the VM Notes

29 May

Hi everyone

Please see the last of the VM notes in the right-hand sidebar. Chapter 8, 9, and 10.

Good luck with your projects…


Rubrics and VM workbook

19 May

Hi Everyone

Here is the PR Rubirc:

Here is the VM Rubric:

And here is a workbook I would like you to get your client to fill in:

It should take them less than an hour and will greatly help him/her gain new perspective about the coffee shop or restaurant. Maybe offer to sit with them and help them work through it. Once they have filled it in, they will be in a perfect position to receive your Handbook. The filled-in workbook counts for marks. You will see how many at the bottom of the VM Rubric.

Good luck and see you on Wednesday

Mr. DC

PR Press Kit Rubric

12 May

Hi everyone

Please see the Mark allocation for the Press Kit Assignment here: PR Press Kit Rubric

Apologies for only giving it to you now. I will put up the Rubric for the PR plan in this week.

Additionally, for those who are confused… You do not need to give financial information that would be needed by an investor. These businesses will probably not give you that info. So just include basic pricing information, like the average prices for wine, starters, mains, desserts, etc. This press kit is only for the media, not investors.

Good luck!


Latest Chapters Up

12 May

Hey Everyone

The latest PR and VM notes are up. See the briefs for your last large projects at the end of chapter 10 for PR and chapter 7 for VM. Also, please check out the links to examples and resources that you can use to compile your VM Workbook.

See you on Wednesday for your Social Media Training.


Press Kit Notes Up

25 Apr

Hi all

The Press Kit notes and examples are up and the due date of your assignment has been changed to the 16th of May.

Trust you find this helpful!

See you next week.

Mr. D

PR notes are Up!

15 Apr

Hey guys

The Public Relations and Research notes are up. Please download them.

Remember that you have less than two weeks to do the Communications Audit.

It’s very NB, so you better get cracking!

See you in class on Wednesday

Mr. D

Tests next week

25 Mar

Hi all

Ok, so all the material is up. Check it out at the right-hand side of the blog.

I have made some alterations to the PR test. Ensure that you know the “Speeches” section of chapter 6 very well. 😉

Bring a pen!


Food Blog Cape Town

14 Mar

You might want to check out this blog. It is excellent!

You might even be able to get a few tips…