Comm Pres – Update: Answering questions

8 Aug


The following questions were raised by Feroza:

What exactly do u mean by trends showcased? Trends like what? And high lights of what? Do we look at each section of the magazine and determine the theme?

To which I have answered:

Be creative. Find out what things are relevant in the Food industry at
the moment. What topics are they talking about, what products are they
introducing, what dishes they are cooking, which chefs and personalities
they are talking to, which restaurants and places are they visiting,
what themes they are using, and what aspects of the industry are they
covering. Use the different sections of the magazine as a guideline and
then choose which articles and topics you are going to focus on.

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One Response to “Comm Pres – Update: Answering questions”

  1. lwando August 19, 2011 at 2:38 pm #

    Food trends has to do or related with food indusrty. Our food values and trends are changing yearly new recipes,style to create plate, cooking method and serving these are the food trends.

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