Management: Leadership Assignment

29 Aug

As discussed in class and as set out in the Leadership notes:

  • Read the entire hand out page from the top starting with “As far as leadership characteristics are concerned…”
  • Then check out page 12 of the notes headed 3.2 Leadership/ decision making styles.
  • Then do the group assignment on page 13 and post it up to the blog.
  • You may also do this assignment individually.
  • If you do it in a group remember to include every member’s name and student number.

4 Responses to “Management: Leadership Assignment”

  1. paulina September 1, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

    Group members
    Yandiswa Ngceba
    Macceline Ngwa 210040157
    Paulina Shilongo 209131047

    Question 1
    Name the leadership style in paragraphs 1 and 3. Give the advantages and disadvantages of each.
    Paragraph 1
    1. Clear order work is known what is expected
    2. Quick decision because only one person is making the decision
    1. Only the manager who make the decision
    2. Other workers are not involved in making the decision
    Paragraph 3
    Consultative 1
    1. You can get more knowledge because you asked people who knows
    2. You will be sure with the decision that you are given because you have asked people who knows
    1. People may fell as if there time has been wasted if their opinion has not been used
    2. They may not be able to take part in decision making; they will think their opinion may not be used again.
    Question 2
    What type of leadership style should be followed in paragraph 4? And why
    Consultative 2
    This type of leadership should be used because it will be helpful and beneficial to get more knowledge other people from giving their ideas and suggestion .Other people will be responsible for not letting the same mistake to happen again.

  2. lee September 12, 2011 at 6:36 am #

    1.1) Paragraph 1: Delegation,

    Advantage: the responsibility of the decision is placed on outside consultants which gives the manager time to focus on other responsibilities.

    Disadvantage: The decisions that are made might be below your standard.

    1.2) Paragraph 3: Consultative, type 1

    Advantage: Individual consultation provides you with each of your subordinates honest opinion where there opinions are not influenced by group opinions. You, as the manager can use that information to make your own decision.

    Disadvantage: Individual meetings are time consuming and individuals might take offence if you do not use there suggestions.

    2) The Autocratic leadership style should be used as you have already gathered the knowledge and information from earlier investigations. You need to take action as you have a time constraint of 1 week, and as the manager you have the authority to dominate and make all the decisions, after all it is solely your responsibility to prevent these situations from happening in the first place, so if you value your job: TAKE ACTION FAST.

  3. lwando Pellem September 23, 2011 at 9:00 am #

    Pharagraph 1 Delegation
    Advantages: the task, the team or individual’s capabilities and knowledge, the time and tools available and the results desired.Manager involves employees in decision making, manager provides feedback and answers Questions, manager meets employees social needs
    Disadvantage:can be easily abused by management assigning the wrong jobs to the wrong people, not looking for feedback or demanding too much of one person.
    Paragraph 3 consultative type1: advantages The Consultative Leadership Style combines elements of both democratic and directive leadership orientations. They value group discussion and tend to encourage contributions from the separate members of the team. Disadvantages Time consuming process of decision-making.2.Autocratic This form of leadership is one of the least desirable when it comes to building trusting relationships and making friends! In a system of autocratic leadership, one person has control over all of the workers or followers.

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