Management Assignment – Training the 2nd year Food Production class

21 Sep

Thursday 29 September
1. Planning (A:5-21) Kyly Jones, Lesley Joubert (3 places left)
2. Planning (B:22-30) Yonela Nakasa, Julia Ntando, Sheila Bandoraho, Buhle Mqikela, Sonele Zekelo
3. Organising (A:5-16) Nkosazana Jack, Paula Nyabaza, Prudence Jajuka, Nambitha Jako (1 place left)
4. Organising (B:17-26) Lee Antrobus, Adrea Fourie, Cara van Heynigin, Juila Siewart (1 place left)
5. Leadership (A:5-14) Faheema Ahmed, Lauren van de Rheede, Robyn Fabe, Makodi Moloto (1 place left)
Thursday 6 October
6. Leadership (B:15-28) Jade Abrahams, Laura Cornwell, Junaid Davids, Mariam Khan, Feroza Salick
7. HR (A:4-18) Nkuthalo Ngxitho, Somila Mbula, Syasanga Madasa, Lwando Pellem, Thulani Fose
8. HR (B:19-26) Mdlungwana Busiswa, Mishizana Zamandlovu, Magcida Asanda, Mapaseka Syosingoe, Pakama Sithoto
9. Control (A:7-16) Pauline. S, Macceline, Leocardia, Rugare, Gerald
10. Control (B:17-25) Mbasakez Yepi, Qdwa Cuba, Zonele Mesheki, Yandiswa Ngceba, Daniel Volsak

Remember that this is preparation for the management test on 13 Oct (still to be confirmed).

NOTE: If you are not a part of a team yet, please let me know which team you will be joining. You will notice the brackets next to the teams that have places left.

Use the Training Power Point notes and especially the Supervision subject notes. The Internet should also have loads of resources regarding simple, creative, practical training and evaluation techniques.

ALSO: Try to use techniques that will help people remember the most important work. Choose the most important aspects of your section and then use a creative way to teach the class to remember it. (Remember: you are not to teach people the work all over again. I have already done that. Just teach them to remember it.)


You will be marked according to

  • Creativity, energy and collaboration of team.
  • Training material and visual aids (layout, neatness, etc)
  • Communication clarity and effectiveness of training.
  • Information logic and relevance to work.
  • Evaluation effectiveness and interaction with group.

If you have any questions, please comment on this post and I will answer via the blog. (So that everybody can see)

Be sure to make it fun and interesting. Think of yourselves as real trainers.

Good luck to you all, master trainers…


One Response to “Management Assignment – Training the 2nd year Food Production class”

  1. PAULA September 29, 2011 at 8:55 am #

    Organising (A:5-16)=One of our group member is offsick, can we schedule to do the presentation next week??

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