Marketing – Sales Promotion Campaign – Project Brief

18 Oct

Hello class

Thanks for all your hard work this semester, (or at least your attempt to work hard). This is the last stretch. We are nearly done. Once this project is over, you will be done for the rest of the year. (unless you need to rewrite.)

Please find the layout of the Power-Point presentation I need from you on the right hand side of the blog. You can download it by right clicking and clicking “save target as”. The one is the project brief, showing you what you need to put into each slide, and the other is the marking rubric, showing you what you how many marks each section counts and what you will be evaluated on. These are the two documents you need:

PRESENTATION – Monday 24 October

ms_word_icon Sales Promotion Campaign – Project Brief

ms_word_icon Sales Promotion Campaign – Marking Rubric

 Please choose the best person to present. Think of this as a real live pitch situation. The mark that person gets for presenting will be the same mark everybody in the group gets. (You may choose two people to present together, or everybody if you think it will work best.)

Please hand in a hard printed copy of your powerpoint presentation. You will be getting your marks from it. Also, please hand in the example of your poster in a printed format. It counts 15 marks. remember, the poster does not have to be fancy. It must just me a mock-up draft of a poster showing what you think it should look like.  (HINT: Place in pictures/ photos, text, the competition, the prize, the sms number, the web address, etc)

Creativity is key. Come up with a concept that relates to the food service positioning. Something that will relate to the target market.

(Example: Target market – Lecturers; Creative strapline – The food service, we pick you up…  Then you have pictures of things that “pick people up” like a forklift truck, and you give a coffee mug as a gift, for the morning pick-up). The creative theme must flow throughout the campaign.

You may come and chat to me about your project on Thursday after class, and you may make an appointment with me for Friday if you wish.

Good luck



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