Rubrics and VM workbook

19 May

Hi Everyone

Here is the PR Rubirc:

Here is the VM Rubric:

And here is a workbook I would like you to get your client to fill in:

It should take them less than an hour and will greatly help him/her gain new perspective about the coffee shop or restaurant. Maybe offer to sit with them and help them work through it. Once they have filled it in, they will be in a perfect position to receive your Handbook. The filled-in workbook counts for marks. You will see how many at the bottom of the VM Rubric.

Good luck and see you on Wednesday

Mr. DC


One Response to “Rubrics and VM workbook”

  1. Cara van Heyningen May 28, 2012 at 9:35 am #

    Hi Mr D

    Quick question regarding VM, which i could probably ask my fellow students who have a better clue of what’s going on… But have all the chapters been put up or are there more after chapter 7?

    Menu, sinage, POS and ticketing; as well as info on Virtual VM : are those topics covered in chapters 1-7? 😮 – i’m trying to open the chapters to see, but internet is taking forever.

    Also, regarding the in-text referencing you are wanting: do you want us to make use of the resources you put up on the blog or other external sources? And if you are wanting external sources, could you list a few?

    You have said these things in class, I know. Sorry!!


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