This page lists all the blogs for PR. Please make sure that your name, username, blog name, and blog url is on this list and that you are following your other friend’s blogs. If it is not, please comment at the bottom.

Surname Username Blog Name Blog URL
1-AHMED,F  faheemaahmed foodyfaheema
2-BANDORAHO,SK kaysinthekitchen
3-FOURIE,A allaboutlovingfood
4-GOLIATH,AK vitaminaimee
5-JONES,KM kylyskitchen
7-MUBVUGWA,GA staplefoodeatologist1
10-ANTROBUS,CL  nomnoms numies
11-ARENDSE,CL  HealthyHabits
13-CYSTER,LC cubaodw
14-DE LILLY,DM The Food Junkie
15-DLOKWENI,S dlokwenis
16-FORTUIN,AS  anchanlees cupcakesandfruitshakes
18-JOUBERT,LD foodnutritionalneeds
19-KHAN,M foodfactfeeds
20-KUFA,RP foodyliciouslyhealthy
24-OOSTHUIZEN,KJ frommondays
26-RANGA,L larkafooddotcom
27-SALICK,F myfoodmylife
28-SHILONGO,P foodsafety4qualityfood
29-SISWANA,A asandas
30-TAFFA,JL Choco4Licious Food
31-VARA,GT  givenvara foodleggo

The rules for blogging:

  • Your username must be similar to your actual name.
  • Your blog must be food related.
  • You must set up your personal profile with a picture and a little piece about who you are.
  • You can choose any theme you like, but one with a sidebar widget area is best.
  • You must have an “About” page that explains what the blog is about.
  • You must try to use the blog as a platform to promote who you are, what you are passionate about, and what your field of specialization is. People must be able to see that you know what you are talking about when it comes to food.
  • You must get your friends, family members, lecturers, colleagues, and prospective employers to join your blog to receive weekly posts.
  • You must post every week.
  • You must schedule your posts for a Wednesday at 07:30 every week.
  • You must post a minimum of 400 words and a maximum of 800 per post.
  • You must do this for the rest of the semester.

One Response to “Blogs”

  1. Lee April 11, 2012 at 12:14 pm #

    lee’s blog URL has changed to 🙂 just saying …

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